Are people still using DTH?

The term DTH or  ‘’Direct To Home” technology describes the satellite television transmission method that is primarily designed for in-home reception. Direct broadcast satellite (DBS) technology was the initial name for this technology. With more channels and higher-quality satellite broadcasts, the technology was created to compete with conventional cable TV distribution systems.

In the simplified sense, DTH describes the process of receiving satellite signals on a TV using a small dish within an individual residence.

Though with its positive points, DTH failed to displace Cable TV as the dominant distribution method. This is due to the necessity of installing DAS and HITS during this time, which made cable television more accessible and allowed it to maintain its dominance.

With many advantages like better picture quality, independence of choosing the channels, and additions of OTT accessibility, DTH platforms are rising with an increasing number of customers every day

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History of DTH in India:-

In 1996, DTH was initially introduced to India. However, because there were concerns about national security at the time, it was not approved. However, by 2000, the regulations were changed, making DTH legal.

The new regulation mandates that DTH operators install new stations within a year of receiving their licenses. A 10-year renewal period is included in the licensing price in India, which is roughly $2.15 million. According to the most recent data, this service is used by roughly 25% of all Indians, while the rest uses local TV connections.

India is one of the largest countries in the world for DTH service providers. Due to the large population and growing number of viewers, the demand is quite high. One of the main factors of this significant increase is DTH’s affordable prices compared to all other regional cable providers.

India has a greater need for DTH than any other nation because of the country’s high viewership density.

Some of the well-known DTH providers in India are:

  1. Dish TV
  2. Sun Direct DTH
  3. TATA Sky
  4. BIG TV
  5. Airtel DTH
  6. Videocon DTH

How DTH is Different from cable TV Connections?

1.     Price:-

The pricing of a cable TV connection is less expensive than a DTH connection. Cable TV requires a connection through a cable and has predefined monthly charges, which vary from region to region, and without such ability to add or delete TV channels.

DTH connections, on the contrary, need to have a set-top box with a one-time payment, monthly subscription, or yearly subscription. Additionally, it gives you the freedom to add or delete channels as you feel suitable.

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2.     Effects of Weather Disruptions

During the early days of DTH technology operation, the dish antenna struggled to transmit signals clearly in severe weather. This gave customers the impression that acquiring a cable TV connection was preferable since it did not affect the channel broadcast due to weather-related factors.

Extreme weather, on the contrary, can destroy the wires, which might suspend or disrupt transmissions. In addition, the cutting-edge dish antennas used by leading DTH providers like Tata Play do not discontinue functioning at the first sign of rain. But these days, the devices are far more durable and well-made.

3.     The different transmission types 

DTH operators are more advanced in terms of signal delivery and viewing quality. They use digital transmission, whereas cable TV companies use analog transmission.

The best approach to guarantee that the public can enjoy the material they desire in the highest quality is to use digital broadcasts, which is an advantage. As a result, you can now purchase HD and 4K set-top boxes, which are unavailable with cable providers. Therefore, cable TV is unsuitable for people who like the sharpest and finest pictures on the screen.

4.     Providing Customer Service

Nowadays, customer service is a top concern in anything customers buy. It’s equally crucial in the domain of television. Cable TV providers today are regional. They lack a dedicated customer service team to support each consumer with their issues as they arise. Before the operator checks on your problem, you may be asked to wait for several hours.

On the contrary side, the leading DTH service providers, like Tata Play, always have a strong customer care department that offers free service visits and is accessible around the clock in a range of languages. By immediately following consumer complaints, DTH providers have transformed the image of the TV business.

Final Conclusion & Verdict:-

DTH services outperform cable TV for several reasons. Because of these differences, one can now choose the right connection for their residence with certainty.

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According to recommendations, choosing DTH or D2H connections is always preferable over cable TV connections.

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