How Much Brand Value Of CSK Increased After IPL 2023?

CSK unlisted shares

Are you a cricket fan? If yes, you must know about India’s largest cricket league Indian Premier League (IPL). IPL is often called the game-changer in the cricket world, combining entertainment and sportsmanship. With ten teams with the best cricketers globally, IPL attracts millions of cricket fans globally. One of the successful IPL teams is none other than Chennai Super King (CSK), which has marked the winning crown again on its name during the IPL season of 2023. 

Talking about the brand value of CSK, it always remains higher. After winning IPL 2023, the brand value of Chennai Super King touches $212 million, which stands at the top of the charts among franchise teams. Due to the increasing brand value, it attracted investors largely. People are investing in CSK unlisted shares to maximise their profit. Do you want to know why you should invest in CSK shares? 

This blog will provide complete details on CSK shares, brand value,  and what factors contributed to its increased value. We will also clear your doubts about whether investing in CSK shares will benefit you. Let’s start from scratch!

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About CSK & Its Current Brand Value 

Founded in 2008, CSK is a franchise cricket team based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, which plays in the Indian Premier League. After serving two years of suspension in 2015, the team returned to the league in 2018 and won the championship in its comeback season. The team is captained by Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the former captain of the men’s Indian cricket team. 

The brand value of Chennai Super King in 2018 was $65 million, making it the most valuable team of the IPL, as per the Brand Finance Report. Talking about the other years, it was $88 million in 2019 and $59.8 million in 2020, whereas it was $120 million in 2021 and $146 million in 2022. 

The brand value of CSK  is the highest among all the IPL franchise teams, with the top  $212 million. It is also one of the major reasons that helped CSK to secure the most elevated position is the digital platforms like Hotstar that telecast tournaments. Not only this, several other reasons contributed to increased CSK market value. 

If you are interested in CSK shares, you must know the reasons behind its exponential growth in the unlimited market and CSK unlisted share price. 

Reason That Contributed CSK Increased Brand Value

Let’s look at the reasons that contributed to the increased brand value of CSK. 

Media Rights

One of the major reasons for the highest brand value of CSK is its broadcast on over-the-top platforms. BCCI generates substantial revenue from selling media rights to digital platforms. This year, the media rights for IPL 2023-27 were sold for a total of Rs. 48,390 crores, making IPL the world’s second most valuable sporting event. 


Sponsorship is the second largest income source of CSK, reportedly generating 20-30% of the total revenue. The BCCI collects money from the IPL sponsors and distributes 40-50% to its IPL franchises. 

Stadium Ticket Sale 

One of the most important sources of money for an IPL franchise is ticket sales. According to the reports, ticket money accounts for approximately 15% of franchise revenue. The average ticket price of CSK ranges from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 3000. 

Merchandise Sale

The official merchandise sales, such as shirts, athletic equipment etc, also contribute to IPL earnings. CSK signed ‘PlayR’ as the official Merchandise Partner in December 2022. The other official merchandise partners of CSK are ICICI Bank, Coca-Cola, Fan Craze, Hello FM etc. 

Prize Money 

The prize money is minimal in comparison to other sources of income; nonetheless, it contributes. In the previous edition, the winning prize pool was Rs. 20 crores, which was received by the winning team, while the runner-up received Rs. 12.5 crores. 

All these factors contribute to great CSK brand value. If you think investing in CSK unlisted shares is the right choice, then currently Chennai Super Kings share price is Rs. 175.  

Should You Invest In CSK Shares?

CSK’s exceptional performance in IPL 2023 profoundly impacted its unlisted shares market valuation. If you look at the history of the franchise, you can see the increased brand value each year. The franchise earns great profit from different sources and is the most valuable team in IPL, which implies that it is the right company  for investors to invest if they seek great returns from the unlisted market. In a nutshell, investing in the CSK share would prove profitable. 

How To Buy CSK Unlisted Shares?

Wondering how to buy CSK shares? Buying and selling shares is very easy with online trading platforms like Stockify. Such platforms guide you throughout the process, from beginning to end. Do you want to buy CSK unlisted shares? First, know its price from a reliable platform like Stockify before proceeding!

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