Is The Package For Hair Transplant FUE Cost Affordable?

Different clinics offer different hair transplant FUE cost packages. However, you need to check different aspects to determine whether the cost is affordable. Some people don’t mind how much they spend, but if you have a tight budget, you need to check how you spend every cent and the value you get from each cent. 

FUE hair transplant is essential when you need a permanent solution to hair loss. It’s more economical than spending money on topical applications for several years. Also, other hair loss remedies like PRP therapy and Laser treatments are short-term. 

About FUE Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplant means the surgeon extracts each follicle separately before transplanting them to the recipient area. The back of the head is the most preferred donor site. However, this method allows you to donate grafts from other body parts like the chest, armpits, legs, and other hairy parts. However, the hair in those areas should have a texture close to the hair in your scalp. 

The method attracts the highest hair transplant FUE cost. However, that does not mean it’s unaffordable. We can check other factors and assess the affordability.

Pricing of FUE Hair Transplant

People get the idea of hair transplant after exhausting all other hair loss remedies but in vain. That’s when they start browsing pricing options. It’s a tough decision since you need to foot all the bills from your pocket- it’s a cosmetic process, remember!

It would help if you had intense research before you invested. Several quack surgeons can ruin your scalp and hair. However cheap they may sound, they may make you spend more trying to fix their mistakes. Below are the aspects that affect hair transplant FUE cost. 

Broad Range Hair Transplant FUE Costs

FUE hair transplant will cost you anywhere between $4000 to $15000. It seems like a crazy range, but many factors contribute to the wide range. 

How do you select the cost you should spare for your hair transplant? The critical thing to determine the package to pay is your budget. First, a hair transplant is a cosmetic process. Thus, no insurance will cover the cost of the process of medication. Therefore, you should do a proper consultation and assess it with your savings, income, and maybe available credit- if your service provider allows. 

Since clinics calculate the hair transplant FUE cost per graft, you should compare the charges in several clinics. Also, check the methods and the aftercare services they offer. The additional charges will determine the final price of a hair transplant. 

Hair Transplant Cost Basing on Hair Type

Hair transplant FUE cost can differ depending on different hair types. It’s no discrimination but relies on the kind of hair follicles- Straight hair tends to have straight hair follicles. Thus, they are easy to extract with the simplest methods and tools. 

Challenge comes when you have to deal with curly hair. In most cases, they have curly and delicate hair follicles. A simple mistake or miscalculation will damage the hair follicle. Thus, it dies soon after the transplant. Therefore, they need complex methods and advanced tools. The efforts add to the cost of the transplant. 

Calculating FUE Hair Transplant Cost by Number of Grafts 

Many clinics don’t like charging you extra charges for a hair transplant. They want you to believe that you are only paying for the hair transplant. Thus, they calculate all the charges and include them in hair per graft.

Some clinics will charge as low as $3 per graft, and others charge $6 per graft. If you want a quick walk-in service in a small area, the surgeon may charge you up to $10 per graft. 

Other Factors to Consider

When choosing a location for your hair transplant, the cost per graft is not the only charge you should consider. As stated earlier, some clinics calculate all charges and give you a package of cost per graft. However, some are fair enough to break down the charges to individual services. 

First, you need to evaluate the number of grafts you need to cover your hair loss area. Then, you should check the other charges like consultation, surgeon’s fee, transport, and accommodation if required. 

Safety of FUE Hair Transplant

When you think of the high hair transplant FUE cost, you must consider the safety. The transplant method is the safest hair loss remedy you can have. First, it has minimal and mild side effects. However, infections will depend on the safety of the clinic.

A hair transplant exposes you to nerve and blood vessels damage. Thus it needs a qualified practitioner to handle your case with care. 

The side effects are mild and may not need medication. Most of them disappear with time. However, you may need some ointment to prevent scarring and painkillers from easing the pain. 

The convenience of FUE Hair Transplant

A hair transplant takes at least 4 hours to complete. You may opt to have the entire session on one day. However, you will need proper preparations to ensure you don’t fall hungry during the session. 

Some clinics offer you an option to split up the sessions. You can have 2-4 hours per session until they cover the whole treatment area. Some patients opt for a mega transplant session that may last between 10-12 hours. For such a transplant, you’ll need to carry a healthy snack to eat during breaks. 

Is FUE Hair Transplant Cost Affordable

FUE hair transplant cost is affordable and gives you value for money. It’s the only hair loss remedy that can reverse your hair loss permanently. Thus, you’ll only need a one-time payment for the hair transplant FUE cost

The charges of a hair transplant are like they are above the radar. However, their benefits surpass the cost of the transplant. 

You can check when the clinic is offering discounts and offers. You can get the transplant at a very fair price. Also, you may consider selecting a clinic offering world-class services at a reasonable cost.

Some clinics offer high-cost transplants. They do this to limit the number of bookings they can get. Such clinics deal with celebrities and VIP clients. Their target clients are comfortable with the charges and have the money to afford the cost.


Hair transplant FUE cost depends on the package that your hair needs. Also, you will pay depending on the extra services that the package offers. Thus, everyone finds the package they select affordable to them. The flexibility in the charges helps all clients get the services within their budget.

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