Know How Blood in Urine May Result To Cancer

In most of the cases, when anyone finds blood in their urine, they get scared massively and this is very obvious. This can be a signal that there is something wrong and needs consultation of the doctors. Blood in urine is a very common symptom of bladder cancer. In this case, the blood that is seen is called gross hematuria. It is very important to get to the cause of the bleeding with the urine. This can be very dangerous if not treated as soon as possible. If a person has bladder cancer, it can be noticed that blood is seen one day and the next day there is no blood. Again after some days blood can reappear. 

At the early stages of bladder cancer, there may or may not be any pain or symptoms. Just the bleeding will take place. Bladder cancer can be caused because of infection, tumors, stones in the kidney and other kidney diseases. So consulting a doctor is very important if the blood is found.

Various facts can be noted below which may indicate that finding blood in urine may be because of cancer:


Few of the main symptoms of bladder cancer are-

  • Being unable to urinate
  • Blood in urine

These symptoms indicate that there is a relation of blood in urine with bladder cancer. It can be seen easily that finding blood in urine is a clear indication that it may be a symptom of cancer.

Causes of bladder cancer:

In case of hematuria, various parts of the kidney or the urinary tract cause the blood cells to leak into the urine. This can be caused due to various reasons. Some of the major reasons for this type of cancer are kidney infection, bladder or kidney stone, enlarged prostate and cancer. Bleeding with urine can indicate that there is kidney cancer or prostate cancer. This type of cancers should not be neglected and should be treated properly at the first stage or it may cause death or a treatment which will cost a huge amount and will make the person sick forever. 

Due to presence of blood in the urine, the colour of the urine may change into pink, darker red or orange in colour. This is also an indication that the person may have blood in their urine and thus needs to consult the doctor for adequate treatment.

Bladder cancer is often found in men of age more than 50 who are suffering from an enlarged prostate. 

The tip is to regularly examine whether blood is coming back or not. If it is sure that the person has cancer, the blood will definitely come back.

It may also be painful to pee and the person may have several more difficulties and different kinds of pain.


As it is evident that the person is may be suffering from cancer, the doctor may suggest some treatment methods by which the cancer can be cured and blood will not come along with the urine. There are various surgery methods such as Transurethral resection of Bladder tumor which is the most common. Another one is Cystectomy where the doctors remove a part of the bladder or the whole of it. If it is found that there is cancer, it should be treated as soon as possible to save the life of the person and gift him a normal life again. 


There are also some steps that may not be too effective but can help to prevent this. They are such as not smoking, eating more fruits and veggies and drinking lots of fluid.

Thus we can conclude that, when there is blood coming out with urine, without any second thought a doctor should be consulted and asked for appropriate treatment as this is a question of life. After correct treatment, there won’t be any blood coming out with urine and the individual can enjoy a pain free urination process. These medical issues are of great concern and should not be avoided as cancer once reaching an advanced stage, cannot be brought into the normal one and may also cost a huge amount of money for lifetime. Thus regular check-up and taking care of the symptoms can make it easier to treat the cancer at the first stage.

Devin Haney

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