Online Consultation with World’s Top Fertility Specialists

Telemedicine for infertility treatment allows fertility experts and patients to interact virtually. Now, with growing access to the internet, a person with fertility issues can have an online consultation with fertility specialists from anywhere in the world.

Living with fertility issues is a painful experience and its treatment could be a difficult task. For years women try to conceive, but failing every time takes a toll on them. But, now, there is no reason to be sad about it. Recent developments in medicinal technologies make it possible to treat almost every case of infertility. Nowadays, thousands of people seek online consultation with world’s top fertility specialists to discuss their problems and find alternative treatment options with a huge success rate. A virtual appointment can be a boon for those who hesitate to visit the clinic in person to discuss their problems with doctors. Also, if you think you don’t live near a clinic, you need not worry. A number of service providers have come up with the best technology to assist you to meet the best fertility specialists of your choice. 

Online video calling service is an excellent way of interaction between patients and doctors who are staying very far from each other. This method of consultation has been adopted by several clinics across the globe. It might not be a face-to-face conversation but it’s certainly the best option. 

Whether you are planning for a baby soon or preserving your fertility future, you can schedule a telemedicine appointment today.

Online appointments are delivered using HIPAA-compliant video-conferencing technology, which allows you to have face-to-face visits.

Benefits of online consultation with Fertility Specialists

Telemedicine has been able to overcome barriers to health services due to the long distance between provider and patient, less access to reliable transportation, lack of care due to gaps in time between an appointment, and shortage of available providers.

Below are some benefits of consultation with fertility specialists:

Cuts healthcare costs.

Replaces traditional face-to-face medicine.

Enhances access to care.

Improves the overall quality of care delivery.

Improves patient satisfaction and engagement.

World’s top fertility specialists offering online consultation

  1. Dr. Geeta Chadha
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, India
  •  31 Years of experience
  1. Dr. Ziya Kalem
  • Istinye University Bahcesehir – LIV Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
  •  27 Years of experience
  1. Dr. Ramon Aurell
  • Centro Medico Teknon, Barcelona, Spain
  • 22 Years of experience
  1. Dr. Deniz Gokalp
  • Liv Hospital Ulus , Istanbul, Turkey
  • 21 Years of experience
  1. Dr. Noppadol Chuntornteptevun
  • Bangpakok 9 International Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 38 Years of experience

MediGence offers you the excellent experience of virtual consultations. World’s leading fertility experts are on board with MediGence to reach out to you through video consultations. It is a leading platform for international medical travelers. They have ties with a number of top-class accredited fertility clinics across many destinations with internationally certified fertility experts available to assist you with the expert opinion on your diagnosis. Their platform is secured following GDPR and HIPAA guidelines to ensure data privacy as per global standards.

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