Improve Your Daily Life By Incorporating A Wellness Programme!

Most of you think of improving your life but you do not know exactly how to make a start. You are often bombarded with a wealth of information on health, sleep, nutrition, stress. You may know many things on these areas and many a time you think of adopting changes but you are not able to do or you do and leave it halfway. So the best way to enter into a wellness programme for yourself is to think about the areas which need improvement and start doing. 

The Price For Neglect!

Your body might whisper something to you when it is not functioning properly in the form of headache or other aches. You never care about it and suppress it with pain killers but when it starts shouting with diabetes and other diseases you start taking your health seriously. But do not postpone your wellness programme until such time when you cannot accomplish something. 

You are not the only person to be blamed as your work culture has changed a lot. Working in night shifts, meeting deadlines and nagging bosses all these things make you think only about work, work and work. In the whole process you forget everything about you and you do have the excuse of not finding time for activity. You also tend to believe that making some changes is beyond you and will also find excuses for avoiding activity. 

How To Make A Start

Start today and do not implement too many changes in a single day. Start slow and do it in increments and finally sticking to each of them is very important. You should be able to enjoy each small step and see the effects on your body. This way you will never give up on it and will continue adding new ones over a period of time. Here are some tips and they are 


You need to sleep well for you to perform your best for the next day. You should sleep for at least seven hours. If you do not sleep well you feel dizzy the whole day and you are not able to focus on anything as you become tired. So sleep well so that with rest you wake up fresh and you will be able to focus more on your work. 

Love Yourself

This is most important if you do not love yourself you will not be able to love anybody else. Be compassionate and encourage yourself. If you fall think of your achievements and move on with your goal to physical fitness. When you achieve certain milestones celebrate it. If you do not celebrate your success then, nobody will! Never prioritize other things and others before your wellness package. You might think taking care of yourself is selfish or luxury but change your thoughts and enjoy treating yourself well as it is very essential. 

Drink Adequate Fluids

Start your day with water rather than tea. If you are hydrated you will feel fresh and your skin will be radiant. Practice this simple habit daily and start detoxing your body first thing in the morning with lime water. It can be any detox if it helps. 

Pamper Yourself

Just like machines need maintenance you also need to pamper yourself. Massages help you relieve the aches and you will feel fresh. Go for rejuvenation packages as these will make you feel better. It need not be spending money and time on salons you can enjoy reading your favourite book or listening to music. Find sometime for yourself if not daily then, at least two days once. 

Eat Healthy

Stop spoiling your health with sugary treats. If you wish you can have a sugary treat once in a while and do not have it on a regular basis. Eat home cooked fresh food and see how your body reacts to this new change. Do not go overboard with organics as it might not be possible always. Mindfulness is the key. 

Start including a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid packaged food as much as possible. The preservatives and chemicals added in them will bring you more harm than good. 

Physical Activity

Start small with having a physical activity for about 20 minutes a day. It could be yoga, zumba or Pilates or even simple walking exploring your locality. This will make you strong and you will feel better. 

A wellness programme should focus on mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of a person as a person will feel well only when all these are balanced.

Devin Haney

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