Stay Fit without Gyming And Dieting!

People are often found reading articles to lose weight the healthier way. They read a lot but achieving something is really difficult and it involves a lot of hard work and dedication. They look for quick fixes like magic pills, belts and what not. The weight loss industry is a billion dollar industry and it comes out with something on a daily basis. These products essentially do have side effects and the best way to stay fit is following a tried and tested method. 

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What Is The Secret?

Can you stay fit without gyming and dieting? Yes, of course with simple changes in diets and increasing activity. You need to be active throughout the day and eat sensibly so that you will definitely lose weight and be fit. The simple arithmetic is calories deficit leads to weight loss. Cut down some calories and you will see the difference within months. 

It is believed that food plays a major role in weight loss than exercise. Diet is 75% while exercise is 25%. If you want to remain fit you can do with small tweaks in your diet and no gyming. By no gyming it does not mean that no activity but various other activities at home which you are comfortable in and the tips are given below

Be More Active

Do some household chores like cleaning and mopping which require effort. Do it regularly and you will observe that you will feel well after this activity. When you start infusing more activity in your lives you will feel better and with time you will also become fit. 

Gardening is also a best form of activity to keep you fit. When you bend and do something your muscles become strong and your garden will also look good. Lawn mowing though done by machine requires an effort from your side. 

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Sitting is next to smoking in terms of harm it causes to the body. If you are in a desk job start quick walk at least one hour once around the surroundings. Do not sit continuously for more than three or four hours at a stretch. By sitting fat is stored around the abdomen and the back. To avoid this start taking quick walks half an hour once or at least one hour once. 

Take The Stairs

Use the office stairs instead of the lifts. It might be difficult at first but with time you will be able to climb the stairs easily. It is one form of exercise you do without hitting the gym. You can take the stairs at the hospitals or at the shopping centres. 

Eat Well

If you diet you will leave out the nutrients required by the body and end up being nutrient deficient. Crash dieting makes a person weak and it is not advisable. So eat well and reduce your portions so that there is calorie deficit. 

Enrol In Your Favourite Activity

It can be any sports. It has been observed that sports is very good to make you fit. Be consistent with your practice so that you will become fitter very quickly. You need not aim for becoming a professional but sweat it out at the field and you will see the results. It can be swimming, cycling, football or badminton. 


If you like to dance then it stretches your muscles and you will end up being toned. Dancing helps to build stamina and you will enjoy dancing to loud music. . It can be stretching or some weight lifting which are considered the best form of activity to keep you fit.

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 Avoid Sugar

Sugar is considered as white poison and so replace it with some other alternatives. If you banish the sugary treats from your diet you will see a difference in how you weigh. But you can have your favourite treats occasionally. 

Avoid Resting After Meals

Never sit or lie down after meals as it will help with fat deposit faster. After eating your meals just walk around for ten or twenty minutes and ingrain this habit in you so that you will become a better version of yourself. 

Eat smaller portions, drink lots of water and sleep well and these are the best tips to make you fitter.

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